Well hello!

Welcome to iwatchthesunrise.co.uk. What do you want to know?  Well, I am a mammy to two boys, teacher, wife and (not-so) secret writer.  I started this most recent writing journey after experiencing the loss of a sister through suicide in June 2017.  Apologies for shocking you with the ‘S’ word so early on, but best to get it out there, especially seeing as it was the second sibling my family has lost to suicide in the last 15 years.

Woah!  Feeling overwhelmed with shocking bereavements yet?  If so, then maybe this isn’t the blog for you.  If you think you can handle it, then please read on, there’s lots more than just being That Grief Girl to me…


As the youngest of 6 kids, I have had my fair share of experience of dealing with D-R-A-M-A.  In fact, tell me your family woes, and I will raise you… Having said all that, being part of a clan growing up had its advantages, not least, feeling spoilt with love.The clan

Being the youngest has also made me resilient, and I hope, quietly confident; something I hope I instill in my own children. But more of that below…

Life with kidz

I love being a mammy to my two boys, who most definitely keep me on my feet day and night.  Living away from immediate family has meant we rely on each other completely and I hope we continue to be fiercely close, even when mam and dad become terribly embarrassing as adolescence kicks in.


Good Grief

When I first started writing, it came out of my experiences with grief.  Sadly, death and bereavement have been part of my life more than I would have liked in the last 37 years. But I hope this blog demonstrates that life doesn’t have to end after a loss, even in the most cruel circumstances.  In fact, loss, grief and bereavement can open up a whole different set of opportunities, not to mention a chance to embrace a new perspective, which if you are open, can help you see the world in a brand new light.

Want to know more?

Well, I am English teacher by trade, but am currently AWOL from classroom duties while I recalibrate my life after my most recent bereavement.  These days you will find me Instagramming my days away, whilst otherwise engaged in tutoring kids through exams, walking kids to school, tidying away kids’ underpants and getting rather too engaged in kids’ TV (does anyone else in their late 30s love Sam & Mark’s Big Friday Wind-up?!)

I am also partial to a good bottle of ale and the occasional glass of Sauvignon blanc.  I love to read, but getting through more than one page per night on the old Kindle is more than an achievement for me. And after giving into to my dodgy back on the right side of 40 means that running is out, but yoga and swimming are in.

And so…

Thanks so much for visiting my blog.  I have no idea where this new stage is leading me, but I like it.  I hope you enjoyed reading some of my writing, and if you did, drop me a comment.  It gives me warm glow every time I get a bit of feedback, even if it is to point out my latest typo (did I mention I was a qualified teacher?!)

On the flipside,