Organisations and help

Looking for support


We all know that help is there, but actually actively seeking it is another thing. For me, modern media has been a comforting support through my bereavements, particularly my most recent one.  Below are some organisations that have given me strength and comfort, without me even having to ask for it:

Mental Mutha

A website created and run by the wonderful Natasha Bailie that allows mums to share their experiences and lessons on dealing with mental health. You are not alone is the message I take away from this collection of experiences, every time I visit the website.


A podcast created by Cariad Lloyd.  Every episode Cariad interviews comedians about their experiences with a death that has made an impact on who they are.  Witty, and touching in equal measure.  You’ll come out feeling better.


The mental health charity that supports those struggling with mental health through its helplines, network groups, publications and campaigns for better awareness. A charity close to my heart, as it was the first one I did fundraising for after the death of my sister, Mary, in 2004.


An amazing charity that works to prevent the suicides of over 200* school children (10-14 year olds) each year.  Work to raise awareness and improve support for young people affected by mental illness as well as to facilitate training for professionals who come into contact with them (school teachers and support staff) is underway.  Support the ‘Save the class of 2018’ campaign by visiting their website.  Mental health awareness is imperative if we are to address these shocking statistics.

*1 Office for National Statistics Statistical Bulletin Suicides in England and Wales: 2015 Registrations; Nicva: Quarterly and Annual Suicide Statistics for Northern Ireland: 2015 Registrations; ScotPho: Suicide data introduction: 2015 Registrations.


A charity that quite simply is best summed up with the following*

  • We’re here round the clock
  • Whoever you are, however you feel, whatever life’s done to you
  • We are not a religious organisation

*Taken from the Samaritans homepage